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Tuesday, 03 March 2020 16:23

Beneficial Electrification

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What Is Beneficial Electrification?

Using energy wisely with demand response programs. Program for leased or electric vehicle power with no added costs

Recognifing the value of electric vehicle there are EV demo days; we reach out to members with electric vehicles - like an antique car show. Opportunity to get a test drive of an electric vehicle

time of use rate charging 10pm and 6am

Variety of fact sheets from Touchstone Energy - what it means and how they understand the terms

Goal 50% renewables by 2030; state legislature passed 80% carbon reduction by 2050

Electrify everything - capital equipment

Valued product but loss of attachment; 87% of respondents say transition is a very good idea

Focus messaging on being energy wise

Develop special toolkits Energywise/mn store

 Support EV owners = charge at no added cost

Talk about electrification opportunities and rebate programs

Heat pumps and water heaters

Opportunities to bring fresh vegetables to food deserts in container planting

Pilot projects are another great way to get messages out

Identify growth opportunity - expand container farming awareness and implementation

Benefits of going electric - Great River Electric - just being able to breathe is the easiest way to say it

Goal of 50% renewables by 2030

Increased electrification as a way to grow sales

We still have a workforce that understands how to do things before we had technology; we still know how to do things the old ways

The technology has become critical. The next wave will begin with a promise of reliability. We must promise that before we start

With 92% residential - we are looking for a homebuilder looking for better reliability; we might be able to get engaged with a builder

Decided to build a microgrid with a backup generator to handle the whole neighborhood (propane with battery backup) Why wouldn't you go all electric if you are 100% resilient - all electric with solar backup

Smart Thermostat Discount

Heat Pump Rebates

OnBill Financing for Energy Efficiency

Community Solar Leasing

Appliance Leasing Programs

EV Charging Discounts

by age 18 to 34

35 to 54

55 to 74


Call it smart electrification or beneficial electrification

focus on saving money specifically on electric bill

Refer to electricity as efficient, economic and reliable. Refer to it as clean when the source is solar, wind or hydro

Present the benefit of saing money electrifying your home keeps more money in your pocket

touchstoneenergy.com - energy solutions

Running an electrical cooperative means doing more than just keeping the lights on. As a Rappahanock Electric Co-op member-owner here are other important services that are provided by neighboring cooperatives:

  • Broadband
  • Support tariff on-bill financing (PAY$) program for investment in higher efficiency residential appliances (hot water heaters, induction cooking, etc)
  • Deployment of high speed fast charging distributed electric charging stations in rural areas to support electric vehicles
  • New heat pump technology that delivers comfortable temperatures down to -5 degrees F
  • Development of lower cost community solar
  • Support for Just Transition of workers previously employed in fossil fuel energy jobs to clean technology jobs
  • Encouraging state funding of electric school buses
  • Change incentive programs to support beneficial electrification
  • Protect co-op member-owners from stranded assets
  • Support opportunity to bring benefits of cleaner grid to member-owners
  • Recognition that new laws will eventually force a transition away from fossil fuel; ensure member-owners have a smooth transition
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