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Monday, 11 June 2018 18:29

Too Disabled to Form a Union

The workers at Didlake went on strike three weeks ago when their employer refused to recognize their vote to form a union. Didlake, whose stated mission is to “enrich the lives of people with disabilities,” is forbidding its own employees from unionizing because they were hired through a federal program for disabled workers.

The Didlake strikers are thrilled that Reverend Barber has offered to come to our picket line tomorrow morning at 10 am at 111 S. George Mason Drive, Arlington, VA; parking is available at the Unitarian Church

These workers include immigrants from El Salvador, Philippines and Ethiopia; they include LGBTQ activists; they have disabilities including several deaf people; they all voted to form a union -- but the company, Didlake, is arguing that they are not entitled to have a union BECAUSE they are disabled!!

Even though they won their Labor Board case, the company is still refusing to recognize their union and bargain. They earn little more than $12 an hour, and the company cuts their pay when they don't work fast enough. They are custodians at the National Guard office.

On June 7th, “Virginia State Senator Favola, Delegate Guzman and Arlington Board Chair Katie Cristol rallied with us,” reports NoVA Labor president Virginia Diamond, “and called out this shameful company for their suppression of the rights of the disabled and of the right to organize a union.”

The company is now trying to hire strikebreakers. Time is of the essence to support these brave workers.



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